After learning the art of real BBQ in Texas in the 90's Dirty BBQ catering was born in 2014. Having used a plethora of smokers, we reached a point of having multiple smoking and BBQ equipment for different jobs, which is great and really useful for a catering business. But, what's the best all round smoker that can be used at home and professionally, without a massive cost like big offsets, cabinets and certain kamados? Drum smokers that's what.
From £550 we build a good size, but not too big smoker, that's easy to control, versatile and reliable.
Whether you want to smoke some American favourites like brisket, pulled pork or chicken, or hang some ribs, picanha, or barrel roast some whole chickens, these drum smokers do it all, and similar smokers are used extensively on the US competition circuit, and win!
From a coated steel to a hardwearing stainless steel drum with quality parts, our products are used by us for our events, and are equally at home at your home! 

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Responsibility & Warranty

 Dirty Drum Smokers will not accept responsibility for any injuries or damages incurred during the use of the Dirty Drum Smoker and accessories. This includes but is not limited to: Physical Injury to persons, and damage to property and equipment.

We encourage you to enjoy your smoker, but we also urge you to practice common sense and safety at all times. 

No warranty is given or implied, however should any parts be decided to be defective or otherwise in our conclusion, we reserve the right the make good by way of sending replacement parts to be fitted by the purchaser or their representative, and no further warranty is given or implied.

 Any damage, failure, or operating difficulties caused by accident, abuse, misuse, alteration, misapplication, vandalism, improper maintenance; damage to paint due to overheating; and cracks or chips in the exterior paint, damage or failure caused by tampering with or altering the original design, except when directed or authorized by Us, is all liable with the Customer.